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Reality Behind Ashley Judd’s Face Accident, Plastic Surgery or Accident?



In early 2020, a number of people noticed Ashley Judd’s face accident as face features are seen to be swollen. When someone questioned about this, she explained that it came from receiving regular Botox treatments to manage severe migraines.

Famous personalities usually have a big fan following who are interested in even the tiny aspects of their lives. As a result of which, they often find themselves in the news headlines for things that might be small or big.

Ashley Judd, an American actress, became the centre of attention due to changes in her physical appearance, mainly her facial features, which were quite different from what we were used to seeing her. This doubt about what might have happened to her face.

In this article, we will discuss this question and provide information about Ashley Judd’s face accident that disturbed the actress’s life.

Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift or Plastic Surgery?

Ashley Judd's Face Accident

Rumours spread about Ashley Judd’s face accident or cosmetic surgery, mainly a facelift, due to her appearance in a video for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.

The video showed Ashley making phone calls on behalf of Warren. After it was posted on Twitter on February 11, 2020, her swollen-looking face became a trending topic on the platform.

Some people made cheap comments about her appearance, while others defended her.

One person said she had Botox, while another criticized her for not allowing herself to age naturally.

Someone else joked about her using the money for face fillers and “blowing up.”

However, some people came to her defence and suggested that her swollen face appearance was due to the steroid prednisone, which can cause facial swelling, and criticized those who made rude and cheap comments about her look.

To make it clear, Ashley did not undergo any facelift or plastic surgery.

The Actress Wasted No Time To Clear the News/Rumors

Ashley Judd wasted no time clarifying the rumours about her appearance, releasing a statement on Facebook in February 2020.

She explained that she regularly receives Botox injections to treat her regular migraines. The Food and Drug Administration has approved this treatment for this purpose.

According to Judd, she has been receiving these injections for over a period of time, and her union insurance covers thirty-one injections every twelve weeks.

Judd checked the rude and unfair comments about her appearance on Twitter and how these comments were based on gendered norms.

She said that she does not take compliments or insults too seriously and that women should not be afraid to speak out against those who criticize their appearance.

She encouraged women to use their voices because they are powerful, courageous, beautiful, and necessary.

So What is the truth behind Ashley Judd’s face accident?

Ashley Judd’s facial appearance became a topic of discussion on social media after she appeared in a video for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign looking swelled.

Rumours spread that she had undergone cosmetic surgery or a facelift. However, Ashley clarified on her Facebook page that she receives regular Botox injections to help with her “siege migraines.” She explained that the medicine caused her face to appear swollen.

She also said that her neurologist’s pain specialist banned her from engaging in anything, and now she only does walking exercises.

Moreover, she disclosed that her doctor had recently cleared her to start exercising again. In the past, Ashley also faced rumours of plastic surgery due to her appearance on a Canadian talk show in March 2012.

However, her rep told E! that she was battling a severe sinus infection and flu and was on a heavy dose of medication to treat it.

How is Ashley Judd’s Face Now?

Ashley Judd's face accident Before and After
Ashley Judd’s face accident Before and After

There has been no such change in Ashley Judd’s facial appearance recently.

It has been several years since she was criticized for her “swollen” face, and based on her recent uploads on social media, it appears her face has remained the same.

This is not surprising since her use of Botox medication, known to cause weight gain, is one of the contributing factors to her appearance.

However, it is important to note that Botox does not cure migraines and is mainly received every three months for headache treatment.

Ashley shared a video on her Instagram on May 15, 2022, during her late mother’s memorial service, which was a photo of her recent look.

Is Ashley Judd experiencing any illnesses or health problems?

Nowadays, Ashley Judd is not facing any known health problems or illnesses. However, in 2021, she was involved in a serious accident that almost resulted in her losing a leg.

Ashley is a well-known actress and a humanitarian. She travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo in February of that year to visit endangered bonobos monkeys in the Congo rainforest.

Unfortunately, on this trip, she fell over a fallen tree and broke her right tibia(leg) in four places. In an Instagram live video with the New York Times, she stated that she knew she was breaking her leg as it happened.

In an interview with Kate Roberts on the Sex, Body & Soul podcast, Ashley said the pain was severe, making her cry, convulse, and howl while biting a stick.

Despite the agony, she never lost consciousness, although she wished she could have.

Unfortunately, Ashley Judd had an accident on visiting the Congo rainforest in 2021. She broke her right leg in four places after tripping over a fallen tree.

She waited five hours before being found by her group, and her bones were reset right there in the forest.

Then, some Congolese men took her in a hammock for an hour-and-a-half journey over hills and through a river to their camp.

She was transported via a motorcycle for six hours to a spot where she was saved and referred to the hospital.

She had her first leg surgery in South Africa, where she stayed for nine days before being transported to Tennessee, USA, by air.

After waiting for the tissue damage and swelling to go down, she had an 8-hour surgery to repair the bones, relax the haemorrhaging nerve, and remove bone shards from the nerve.

Ashley walked again six months after the accident, undergoing extensive rehabilitation and surgery.

In early 2022, she announced on Instagram that she was returning to the Congo, and the injury was now in the past.

Key Takeaways

  • In early 2020, Ashley Judd’s facial appearance sparked rumors of plastic surgery or a facelift.
  • Ashley clarified on Facebook that her swollen face was due to regular Botox injections she receives to treat migraines.
  • She addressed the rude comments on Twitter and encouraged women to speak out against appearance criticism.
  • There have been no recent changes in Ashley Judd’s facial appearance.
  • In 2021, Ashley Judd suffered a serious leg injury while visiting the Congo rainforest.
  • She underwent multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation and has since recovered.


In conclusion, the speculation surrounding Ashley Judd’s face accident and the actress herself addressed altered appearance in early 2020. She clarified that the changes were not the result of cosmetic surgery or a facelift but instead due to regular Botox treatments she receives to manage severe migraines. Ashley emphasized that her appearance was influenced by the effects of the medication, causing her face to appear swollen.

She took the opportunity to address the unfair comments and criticism she faced, highlighting the importance of women using their voices and speaking out against such judgments. Ashley Judd’s face has since remained consistent, indicating that there have been no significant changes in her facial appearance.

Regarding her health, Ashley suffered a severe leg injury in 2021 during a trip to the Congo rainforest. She broke her right leg in multiple places but underwent successful surgeries and extensive rehabilitation, allowing her to regain her ability to walk. Despite her challenges, Ashley demonstrated resilience and announced her return to the Congo in early 2022, emphasizing that the injury was now in the past.

Currently, no known health problems or illnesses are affecting Ashley Judd.


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