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Catherine the Great Furniture: You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Truth



Russian Empress Catherine the Great was known for many crazy stories, including one that said she had a special room with erotic furniture next to her bedroom. People also gossiped that she had lots of boyfriends, which made the rumors even juicier.

catherine the great furniture
An erotic chair rumored to be part of Catherine the Great’s furniture collection.

Catherine the Great ruled Russia for more than 30 years in the 1700s. She made Russia more modern and changed how power worked in Europe. She was one of the most powerful women in European history, but she also had many wild stories told about her.

One of the most famous stories is about Catherine’s supposed huge appetite for romance. People said she had as many as 300 lovers, and some even spread a false story that she died while doing something scandalous with a horse.

Another wild story is that Catherine the Great might have owned erotic furniture with naughty pictures on it.

There are old pictures of a table and chair that some say was hers, but no one has proven it. If the story is true, it gives us a funny peek into Catherine the Great’s personal life.

Catherine the Great’s Personal Life

Catherine the Great was born as Princess Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst in 1729. She lived with a noble family in Prussia until she was 16. Then, her family decided she should marry Peter III of Russia in 1745.

Their marriage didn’t turn out as expected. Catherine and Peter weren’t interested in each other at all. Some historians even say they never even started their marriage. Instead, Catherine started a secret relationship with a Russian officer named Sergei Saltykov.

Her own memoirs suggest they spent a lot of time together, and some people think he might have been the father of her first child, Paul.

The legend of Catherine the Great’s furniture collection is somewhat controversial.

Even after having her son, Catherine didn’t stop having relationships with other men. Historians think she had between 12 to 22 lovers in her lifetime.

In 1762, Catherine led a successful rebellion against Peter III and took over as Empress of Russia. During her reign, she worked hard to make Russia better. She improved schools, expanded the country’s borders, and supported new ideas called Enlightenment.

Catherine became famous for her leadership skills, but people also gossiped about her romantic life. The story of Catherine The Great’s Erotic furniture even became famous over time.

The Story of Catherine The Great’s Erotic Furniture

Legend has it that Catherine the Great once had a special room built next to her bedroom. This room was said to be filled with erotic furniture that had naughty pictures on it—chairs, desks, and screens with images that might make adults blush. Some even said the walls were covered with wooden statues of private body parts.

People have talked about this for years, but no one has ever proven it true. There are old pictures that some say show Catherine the Great’s furniture—a table with shapes that look like male body parts and a chair with pictures that are a bit too grown-up.

Catherine the Great’s furniture
This table with penis motifs was allegedly part of Catherine the Great’s furniture collection.

Some stories say that during World War II, two soldiers found this erotic furniture and took pictures. But historians haven’t found solid proof that these pieces really belonged to Catherine—or that the soldiers even took those pictures.

Catherine The Great’s Erotic Furniture – PICS

Catherine The Great's Erotic Furniture

Other Examples Of Erotic Furniture Throughout History

People say that the erotic furniture Catherine the Great might have had was covered in pictures that adults might find a bit too grown-up. If it’s true, it would have caused a lot of excitement in Europe back in the 1700s.

But making furniture that gets people excited in that way isn’t new. Even ancient people, like the Assyrians from over 3,000 years ago, made furniture with pictures of people doing grown-up things. They used these designs to decorate furniture for important people.

Another famous example is the “love chair” made for Edward VII of England. This special chair was made for him to have secret meetings with up to two other people at the same time.

More on Catherine The Great’s Furniture

The idea of erotic furniture wasn’t new when Catherine the Great was Empress. But whether she really owned such pieces is still a big debate.

Catherine the Great’s furniture

Some say that during World War II, soldiers found this erotic furniture and wrote about it. But historians haven’t found the exact report from those soldiers.

Another problem is the timeline. The story says the soldiers found the furniture in 1940, but the war didn’t start until 1941.

Also, stories about Catherine’s erotic furniture only came out years after she died. Some people think these stories were just made up to make her look bad.

No one has ever found these erotic furniture pieces to study them. They might have been taken away by soldiers during the war or destroyed.

Catherine the Great’s furniture

Even though we don’t know for sure if Catherine had this furniture, old pictures show that such pieces did exist long ago. It’s part of a long history of people trying to make their furniture more exciting.

For Catherine the Great, who seemed to enjoy exciting things, having this kind of erotic furniture doesn’t seem impossible.


In conclusion, the story of Catherine the Great furniture, rumored to be filled with naughty designs, remains a fascinating and debated legend. While no concrete evidence proves she owned such pieces, the idea fits within the broader history of erotic furniture. Whether fact or fiction, it adds an intriguing layer to the already captivating life of Catherine the Great.

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