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The Untold Story of Navy Joan Roberts: Hunter Biden’s Daughter



Do you remember when the new President only brought six of his seven grandchildren on stage when he won the 2022 election? One of the grandchildren, Navy Joan Roberts, wasn’t there because her dad, Hunter, didn’t want people to know she was his daughter.

Navy Joan Roberts is two years old and lives with a loving family in a rural area in Arkansas. They don’t know about her connection to politics. Her name and information were kept secret for a long time, but we can tell you now that she is doing well.

There was a big problem when Hunter said Navy Joan Roberts wasn’t his daughter. But then a DNA test showed that he was really her father.

Hunter has been dealing with drug addiction and hasn’t seen a picture of his daughter, so he couldn’t even pick her out of a group of photos.

When Joe Biden became the President after winning the 2022 election, he brought six of his grandkids on stage, but Navy Joan Roberts wasn’t there.

It turns out that Hunter had a baby with a stripper named Lunden Roberts, and he didn’t want to accept that the Navy was his child.

Lunden only talked about her daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, once her sister Randi put a picture of her on social media for her second birthday. The Navy’s face was hidden in the picture to keep her private.

Hunter also had been in the public eye when he showed up to support his 77-year-old dad’s success. Hunter was with his wife Colen and their new baby boy, Hunter’s fifth child. They named the baby Beau after Hunter’s brother, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

The rest of the Biden family also celebrated the President’s success. Naomi and her brothers, Finnegan (20) and Maisy (18) were there.

They’re all Hunter’s children with his first wife, Kathleen. Hunter and Kathleen were married for 22 years before they got divorced.

Hunter also had a controversial relationship with his late brother Beau’s wife, Hallie. Beau’s kids, Natalie (16) and Robert Hunter Biden II (14) were there too. Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, his daughter Ashley, and her husband, Howard Krein, were also present.

Who is Navy Joan Roberts?

Navy Joan Roberts is Hunter Biden’s daughter, whom he had with Lunden Alexis Roberts four years ago. Hunter used to visit the Mpire Club, where Roberts worked.

The Navy has never met the Biden family, and they didn’t allow her in the White House. She lives with her mother in Arkansas and cannot access Secret Service protection.

Navy is Hunter’s fourth child born while he was still in a relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau Biden.

Hunter Biden is married to Melissa Cohen, a woman from South Africa, and they have a two-year-old son named Beau, named after his dead brother.

Initially, Hunter denied being the father of Navy Joan Roberts and had no memory of meeting Lunden.

However, it has been reported that both were at the Mpire Club in Washington DC, where Lunden worked as a stripper under the name “Dallas.”

In his book “Beautiful Things,” Hunter talks about his life when he struggled with drug addiction and had random sex with women he had no emotional connection.

He also writes, “That’s how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I’ve taken responsibility for.”

In 2020, Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts reached a settlement of $2.5 million after a DNA test confirmed that he was the biological father of their daughter, Navy.

Hunter is responsible for paying monthly child support and healthcare for their child. As per the reports, Roberts was employed by Hunter’s consulting company before giving birth to the Navy.

Roberts testified before a federal grand jury investigating Hunter for foreign lobbying violations and tax fraud charges in February 2022.

According to the Daily Mail, Hunter filed a motion in September 2022 requesting the court to calculate his child support payments again, citing a “significant material change in his financial problems, including but not limited to his income.”

Hunter claimed he was unemployed and had some debt since his divorce from Kathleen in 2019 during a paternity suit. Some have criticized it for avoiding supporting his daughter’s Navy.

According to a report from NBC, which was confirmed by the Daily Mail, Hunter Biden was living in a rental property in Los Angeles and driving a Porsche Panamera at the time when he denied being the father of Navy Joan Roberts.

Between 2013 and 2018, his consulting company earned $11 million. His biography also mentions spending money on drugs and often partying with strangers who would steal from him.

What About Lunden Roberts and Her family?

They live in a luxurious house with four bedrooms on five acres. Lunden’s parents, Rob and Kimberly Roberts, live there too.

Lunden’s dad, Rob, runs a successful business where they customize guns. Kimberley works with him there. The family is well-known in their community.

They had a short romantic relationship in 2017 after meeting at a strip club called Mpire in Washington, DC. Lunden worked there under the name Dallas.

Their daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, was born the next/following August.

The Controversy:

Navy Joan Roberts was kept unknown until May 2019, when Lunden Roberts filed a legal claim for paternity and child support.

This was just a few days after Hunter married his second wife, Melissa Cohen. They were dating for six days.

Hunter denied being the Navy’s father, but in November 2019, he had to take a DNA test to prove it. The test showed that Hunter was the Navy’s legal and biological father.

However, Lunden, who had once attended George Washington University to study Forensic Investigation, did not complete the degree.

He fought for months to make Hunter Biden reveal his financial information.

Despite Hunter’s past mistakes, he has always had his father’s support.

Joe Biden has referred to his son as “the finest man I know,” even though Hunter has caused some embarrassment for the family.

Key Takeaways

  • Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, has a daughter named Navy Joan Roberts with Lunden Roberts, with whom he had a short relationship in 2017.
  • Hunter denied being the father of Navy Joan Roberts, but a DNA test later proved that he was the biological father.
  • Navy Joan Roberts lives with her mother in Arkansas and has never met the Biden family. She was not present when Joe Biden was inaugurated as President of the United States in 2022.
  • Hunter Biden has had a history of drug addiction and has struggled with his personal life. He is now married to Melissa Cohen and has a son named Beau.
  • Lunden Roberts lives with her parents in a luxurious house in Arkansas and has a successful gun customization business with her father.
  • The controversy surrounding Navy Joan Roberts came to light when Lunden filed a legal claim for paternity and child support shortly after Hunter married his second wife, Melissa Cohen.


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