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Who is Joe Scarborough? Know About This Rising Personality



Joe Scarborough, also known as Charles Joseph Scarborough, is an American television host, political commentator, and former politician. He co-hosts the MSNBC show Morning Joe with his wife, Mika Brzezinski, and hosted Scarborough Country on the same network.

Scarborough served in the United States House of Representatives for Florida’s 1st district from 1995 to 2001 as a member of the Republican Party.

He has also worked as a visiting associate at the Harvard Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and was named in the 2011 Time 100 as one of the most influential people in the world. Let’s know about him in the further article. Stay tuned with us. Have a look:

Early life and education of Joe

Charles Joseph Scarborough, also known as Joe Scarborough, was born on April 9, 1963, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He grew up in Pensacola, Florida, where his father worked as a businessman, and his mother was a homemaker. Scarborough attended the University of Alabama, receiving a degree in history in 1985.

He then attended the University of Florida College of Law and earned a Juris Doctor in 1990.

After law school, Scarborough practised law in Florida for a few years before entering politics.

Apart from his academic achievements, Joe Scarborough was also involved in extracurricular activities during his university years.

He was a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member at the University of Alabama and served as the president of the Student Government Association.

Joe Scarborough was also a member of the College Republicans at the University of Florida, and his political involvement continued throughout his career.

After completing his education, Joe Scarborough practised law in Florida, specializing in corporate and securities law. He then entered politics and served as a United States House of Representatives member for Florida’s 1st district from 1995 to 2001.

Scarborough’s early life and education made his career and enhanced his political and legal views.

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Legal Career

After graduating from the University of Florida College of Law, Joe Scarborough began practising law in Pensacola, Florida, where he focused on corporate and securities law.

In 1991, he became a partner at Beggs and Lane law firm in Pensacola.

As a lawyer, Joe Scarborough became involved in local politics, serving on the Pensacola City Council from 1990 to 1994. He was also active in Republican Party politics, serving as a Florida House of Representatives member from 1994 to 1995.

In 1994, Scarborough fought for a seat in the United States House of Representatives, representing Florida’s 1st congressional district. He won the election and served three terms in Congress, from 1995 to 2001.

Although Scarborough left his legal career when he entered politics, his legal training and experience were valuable to him in his political and media careers.

U.S. House of Representatives


Joe Scarborough’s electoral history shows his success as a Republican candidate for Congress. Scarborough fought for Congress in 1994, challenging Earl Hutto in Florida’s 1st congressional district.

The elections were competitive, with Joe Scarborough running on traditional values and responsibility. Scarborough finally won the election, receiving 61% of the vote to Hutto’s 39%.

Joe Scarborough’s success in his first election was somewhat due to his strong organization and skills in funding. He removed Hutto by a good margin, allowing him to run a more effective campaign.

His success in his first election set the stage for his next campaigns.

In 1996, he was re-elected to Congress with 64% of the vote, defeating Democratic challenger Vince Whibbs Jr. Scarborough’s strong showing in this election was partly due to his record of achievement in Congress, including his work on the Judiciary and Armed Services committees.

In 1998, Scarborough faced another election against Democratic challenger Cheryl Glass. However, Scarborough won re-election with 62% of the vote, thanks to his strong fundraising and campaign organization.

His record in Congress also played a role in his success, as he had established himself as a traditional voice on issues such as abortion and government spending.


Joe Scarborough served as a United States House of Representatives member for Florida’s 1st congressional district from 1995 to 2001. During his time in Congress, Scarborough was known for his traditional views and opposition to abortion.

He was a member of the Judiciary Committee and the Armed Services Committee and also served as the chairman of the Civil Service Committee.

As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Scarborough was involved in several high-profile issues during his time in Congress. Maybe the most famous of these was the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998.

Scarborough was one of the 223 members of the House who voted in favour of impeachment, and he was an outspoken person about Clinton’s conduct throughout the impeachment process.

Scarborough was also involved in other controversial issues during his time in Congress.

He was vocal in the Clinton administration’s handling of the Waco siege in 1993. He introduced legislation to reform the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in the path of the incident. Scarborough also strongly supported increased military spending and the Gulf War in 1991.

Apart from his work on the Judiciary Committee, Scarborough was also a member of the Armed Services Committee. He focused on national security and military readiness issues as a committee member. He was a strong military supporter and supported increased defence program spending.

He also served as the chairman of the Civil Service Committee, where he worked to reform the federal bureaucracy.

Election History

1994Vince Whibbs70,41638%Joe Scarborough112,97462%
1996Kevin Beck66,49527%Joe Scarborough175,94673%
1998Tom Wells (write-in)6630%Joe Scarborough140,52599.5%
2000UnopposedN/A0%Joe Scarborough226,473100%


Joe Scarborough resigned from Congress in 2001, just six years after he was first elected. At the time of his resignation, he mentioned his desire to spend more time with his family as the primary reason for his decision.

He stated that he had grown tired of the political process and wanted to make a greater impact outside Congress.

His resignation surprised many, as he had been seen as a rising star in the Republican Party. Some imagined that his decision to leave Congress may have been other factors.

However, he denied these rumours and demanded that his decision be based only on his desire to be with his family.

After leaving Congress, Scarborough entered the media world and became a television host and political commentator. He joined MSNBC in 2003 as the “Scarborough Country.” host.

In 2007, he began co-hosting “Morning Joe” with his wife, Mika Brzezinski, a show that has become a popular source of political news and commentary.

Media Career

After resigning from Congress in 2001, Joe Scarborough embarked on a new career in media. He started contributing to various news outlets before landing his show on MSNBC in 2003 called “Scarborough Country”.

The program focused on political news and commentary, with Scarborough serving as the host and providing his traditional perspective.

In 2007, his role on MSNBC grew as he became a co-host of “Morning Joe” with his wife, Mika Brzezinski.

The show quickly became a popular source of political news and commentary, with Scarborough and Brzezinski(his wife) providing in-depth analysis and interviews with various political figures.

The show is a mix of news, commentary, and humour, attracting a vast fan following. It has been praised for its ability to promote bipartisan discussion and civil political discourse.

In addition to his work on “Morning Joe,” Scarborough has continued to be a well-known commentator on political issues. He has contributed to several news outlets, including NBC News and MSNBC, and has appeared as a guest on various other programs.

He has also frequently criticized President Donald Trump and his administration, usually speaking out against their policies and actions.

He has also been active in other areas of media. He has written several books, including “The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, How Republicans Once Mastered Politics–and Can Again” and “Saving Freedom: Truman, the Cold War, and the Fight for Western Civilization”.

He has also worked as a radio host, hosting “The Joe Scarborough Show” on WABC-AM in New York City from 2012 to 2013.

Wrapping up, his career in media has been honoured by his straightforward traditional views, willingness to engage in debate and discussion, and commitment to providing thoughtful analysis of political issues.

Although he may no longer be a member of Congress, his influence in the media world has continued to grow, and he remains a well-known and respected voice in American politics.

Morning Joe

joe scarborough on morning joe
joe scarborough on morning joe

“Morning Joe” is a political talk show on MSNBC every weekday. Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, and Mika Brzezinski, a journalist and television host, co-host the show.

The program covers a wide range of political news and features deep analysis, interviews with politicians and experts, and debates between the hosts and guests.

“Morning Joe” is known for its intelligent political news and events coverage. The show’s hosts and guests come from various political backgrounds and perspectives, and the discussions are often positive and sometimes controversial.

The show has become a popular source of political news and commentary, and its hosts have gained a reputation for their candid and unfiltered views on politics.

Despite its focus on politics, “Morning Joe” has also become known for its sense of humour and ability to insert fun into even the most serious topics.

The show’s hosts and guests are often quick with a joke or a funny observation, and the show’s playful atmosphere helped to make it a favourite among viewers.

Overall, “Morning Joe” has become one of the most influential political talk shows on television, offering a unique combination of insightful analysis, informative interviews, and debate.

With Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the show remains a must-watch for anyone interested in American politics.

Personal life

Joe Scarborough has been married twice. His first marriage was to Melanie Hinton, whom he married in 1986. The couple had two children together before divorcing in 1999.

In 2001, Scarborough married his current wife, Mika Brzezinski, also his co-host on “Morning Joe”. The couple had been friends and colleagues for years before their relationship turned romantic. Later that year, they announced their engagement in May 2017 and were married in a private ceremony at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Scarborough and Brzezinski are known for their close relationship. They often discuss their personal lives and experiences on “Morning Joe,” Their playful relations have succeeded them to many viewers.

Apart from his personal life, Scarborough is also a musician. He has played guitar and sung in several bands, including a band called “Daddy-O” that he formed with his brother in college. Scarborough has also released several albums, including “Mystified” and “Welcome to the Monkey House”.

Wrapping up, Joe Scarborough’s personal life is known for his close relationships with his family and friends and his passion for music. His marriage to Mika Brzezinski has become a popular topic of discussion among viewers of “Morning Joe,” and their happy and supportive relationship has inspired many other couples.

Net Worth

According to various sources, Joe Scarborough’s net worth in 2023 is growing quickly. Scarborough’s main source of income is his media and broadcasting career, including his co-host role of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe Show,” which he has been a part it since 2007.

In addition to his work on television, Scarborough is an author and has written several books, like “The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, How Republicans Once Mastered Politics-and Can Again.”

Joe Scarborough’s net worth is also grown by his investments and real estate holdings, including a multi-million dollar mansion in Florida.

Despite being involved in politics, Scarborough earns no income from political affiliation or activity. Overall, Joe Scarborough’s net worth is an image of his successful career in media and his investments and assets.

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