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Parker Schnabel’s Wife: Personal Life and Romantic History Revealed



Parker Schnabel Wife: Who is Parker Schnabel’s Wife? Parker Schnabel, a well-known American gold miner and reality TV personality, has over $8 million net worth. He is famous for appearing on the long-standing reality TV program “The Gold Rush and Gold Rush: Parker Trail.” Parker began his gold mining career at the young age of 5 at his Grandpa John’s Big Nugget Mine in Haines, Alaska, and he has been with the series since its beginning in 2010.

Although he only appeared in a few episodes in the first season, he gained a massive fan following due to his intense digging skills, short temper, and aggressive behaviour.

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Despite his public appearances since childhood, many viewers are also unfamiliar with Parker Schnabel’s Wife and his personal life. Let’s dive deep into this hot discussion:

Who is Parker Schnabel’s Wife, and is He Dating Anyone?

It is said that Parker Schnabel is currently not in a relationship. Still, in the past, he was romantically involved with Ashley Youle, a veterinary nurse who appeared in two seasons of Gold Rush.

As per the reports, Parker Schnabel was single and not publicly dating anyone.

However, it is important to note that celebrities often keep their personal lives private, so it is possible that he may be dating someone outside of the his social life in media.

Who is Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend?

Parker Schnabel Tyler Mahoney Gold Rush Parkers Trail

It seems that Parker Schnabel is currently without a girlfriend, as he is said to be single.

However, he was once in a romantic relationship with Ashley Yule, whom he met on the reality show Gold Rush.

Their relationship was said to be friendly, but unfortunately, it did not end well, and they finally went their different ways.

Currently, Parker is not publicly involved with anyone, but he may be in a secret relationship unknown to the public.

She was a veterinary nurse whom he met while working on a mining project in Australia. Although they were in a good relationship, they ultimately parted ways, but the reason for their separation is not clear yet.

Despite the breakup, Parker has stated that they remain friends, and he even helped her out during a time of financial difficulty.

Currently, Parker is single and focusing on his career. He has been occupied with new mining business work and seems to have no time for a romantic relationship at this moment.

While he may find love in the future, he is enjoying the single life and focusing on his work for now.

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Parker Schnabel Biography

Parker Schnabel and his group rely on their intuition and hints to guide them on an 8,000-mile-long journey through Australia.

They explore a land that boasts record-sized nuggets and the world’s largest untapped gold reserves, launching on an adventure that may forever change Parker’s view on mining.

During the initial phase of his work in “The Gold Rush,” Parker Schnabel was a young child who made only a few appearances, as the show mostly revolved around his grandfather, John, who owned the Big Nugget Mine in Creek.

In the second season, John stepped down, passing on the company to his grandson Parker, who has since become a well-known figure on the show.

Aside from his mining business, Parker Schnabel’s love life has also gained much public attention.

Although he is currently single, it is known that he was romantically involved with Ashley Youle in the past.

Parker Schnabel’s Personal Details

Age: Born on July 22, 1994, Parker Schnabel is currently 28 years old.

Height: Parker Schnabel’s height measures 5 feet 9 inches.

Weight: Parker Schnabel weighs approximately 75 kg, which is equal to 165 lbs.

Who is the Ex-Girlfriend of Parker Schnabel?

gold rush parker schnabel ashley youle

Ashley Youle is a model and Canadian TV personality who used to date, Parker Schnabel. Their relationship lasted for two years before they split up in early 2018.

The couple first met in Alaska in 2016 when Ashley was working as a bartender. Their relationship was featured on the reality show “Gold Rush,” but despite their ups and downs, they decided to end their relationship in 2018.

Parker has been linked to other women since then but hasn’t been in a serious relationship since his breakup with Ashley.

Parker Schnabel’s Relationship Timeline

Parker Schnabel girlfriend Ashely Youle Gold Rush

2010: Parker Schnabel meets his girlfriend, Ashley Youle, for the first time.

2011: Parker Schnabel and Ashley Youle end their relationship.

2012: Parker Schnabel attends the Discovery Channel’s Diggers convention in Las Vegas, where he meets Tyler Mahoney, an Australian model and gold miner. The two of them hit it off and started dating soon after the meeting.

2013: Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel travel to Australia together to visit the family of Tyler and mine for gold, and they have a successful trip, finding a significant amount of gold.

2014-2015: Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney’s relationship continues to flourish as they travel to various mining sites around the world and often appear on each other’s social media platforms.

2016-2017: Despite their happiness, Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel’s relationship takes a sour turn when it is revealed that Tyler has been cheating on Parker with another man. The breakup becomes very public, and the two of them part ways.


In conclusion, Parker Schnabel’s wife/girlfriend, Ashley Yule, played an important role in his life and success in the gold mining industry. Despite the challenges they faced, including the long-distance relationship, the couple remained strong and committed to each other. However, Parker Schnabel has been in a few relationships, he is not currently married, and there is no confirmed news of him having a wife.

Despite being a public figure, Parker manages to keep his personal life private, so it’s hard to know whether he is in a serious relationship. For now, it seems like he is focused on his mining career and growing his businesses.

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Q: Did Parker Schnabel get married?

A: As of April 2023, there is no proof that Parker Schnabel has gotten married.

Q: Who is Parker Schnabel’s Wife on Gold Rush?

A: Parker Schnabel is not currently married and has not been married during his time on Gold Rush.

Q: Is Parker Schnabel still with Ashley Youle?

A: No, Parker Schnabel and Ashley Youle ended their relationship several years ago. As of now, Parker Schnabel is reportedly single.

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