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Look at the Potential Boxing Match Between Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul



Andrew Tate, the ex-kickboxing champion and controversial figure in the combat sports world, has recently confirmed that he will not fight Jake Paul in a highly expected boxing match. Fans of both fighters had been eagerly anticipating the possible bout, which was mocked on social media for months.

However, he has now made it clear that he has no interest in stepping into the ring as Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul, citing several reasons for his decision.

In this article, we will look at the aspects that led to Andrew Tate’s decision not to fight Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul and what this means for both fighters and their fan bases.

Andrew Tate vs jake paul

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and controversial influencer, had been in discussions for a highly expected boxing match against Jake Paul.

However, in a recent Livestream with Adin Ross, he suggested that the fight is unlikely due to the negotiations’ sophistication.

Tate also mentioned that he likes Jake but has issues with Logan Paul, whom he called “full of shit”.

Ross tried to arrange a conversation between Tate and Logan, but Tate declined and said their conversation wouldn’t be for a Twitch stream.

The ongoing rivalry between Tate and the Paul brothers has been well-documented.

Tate expressed that he likes Jake now that he has transitioned into boxing but still has hate towards Logan, who is also a YouTuber and boxer.

The possible match-up between Tate and Jake Paul had generated significant excitement among fans, but Tate’s recent comments have thrown doubt on the fight’s chance.

In the past, Andrew Tate challenged Logan to a fight and declared he would do it for no charge.

Also, Andrew’s brother Tristan recently expressed that he believes the possibility of Andrew fighting Jake is low due to a significant level of mutual respect between the two fighters.

Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul was in talks to fight in 2023

Discussions were held about a possible fight between Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul in 2023.

Andrew Tate and the Paul brothers have a history of engaging in social media conversations.

When Jake Paul began his boxing career and fought retired UFC fighters, Andrew Tate challenged him to a fight, claiming he would come out victorious. Recently, Jake Paul has proven himself to be a capable fighter and turned his focus to fighting legitimate boxers. 

Initially, Jake Paul had scheduled matches against professional boxers such as Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr., but those bouts were finally called off for unknown reasons.

Jake Paul, also known as ‘The Problem Child’, now holds a 6-0 record as a professional boxer, with his latest win coming against Anderson Silva, a UFC legend.

The victory hardened his position in the boxing world, and denied allegations of match-fixing that were levelled against him.

Paul’s victory over Silva further showed his skills in the ring. Earlier, a video was shared on social media where Paul and Andrew Tate sparred in a boxing ring, with Paul captioning it as “Negotiations”.

Despite Andrew and his brother Tristan suggesting that the fight may not happen, negotiations between the two parties are reportedly continuing.

Paul remains hopeful that he will be able to fight Tate in early 2023.

Fans berate Andrew Tate’s boxing skills.

Andrew Tate’s popularity is linked to his fighting spirit, reflecting his life approach.

Given his background in martial arts, it’s not surprising that his behaviour is similarly aggressive. Despite this, fans have expressed criticism of Tate’s boxing skills.

In particular, a recent video of Tate sparring generated negative feedback from fans, who argue that if he were to face well-known boxer Jake Paul in a match, Tate would lose.

Key Takeaways

  • Andrew Tate, former kickboxing champion and influencer, confirms he is unlikely to fight Jake Paul in a highly anticipated boxing match.
  • Tate cites issues with Logan Paul and doubts over negotiations as reasons for his decision.
  • Discussions for the Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul fight had generated significant excitement among fans.
  • Despite Tate’s recent comments, negotiations between the two parties reportedly continue.
  • Jake Paul remains hopeful that the fight will happen in early 2023.
  • Fans have criticized Tate’s boxing skills and argue that he would lose to Jake Paul if they were to fight.

Some FAQs

Q: Did Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul ever happen again?

A: No, Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul have yet to fight in a boxing match. Negotiations have been ongoing, but Tate has recently confirmed that the fight is unlikely.

Q: What is Andrew Tate’s fighting record?

A: Andrew Tate has a professional kickboxing record of 27 wins and 10 losses. He is also a former World Kickboxing Association World Champion.

Q: When was the video of Jake Paul and Andrew Tate sparring shared on social media?

A: The video of Jake Paul and Andrew Tate sparring was shared on social media in June 2021.

Q: Why did Andrew Tate call out Logan Paul?

A: Andrew Tate called out Logan Paul for a fight, declaring that he would fight him for free. He has expressed a dislike for Logan, who is also a YouTuber and boxer.


In conclusion, the possible boxing match between Andrew Tate and Jake Paul has been a topic of much discussion and belief among fans. While negotiations have been ongoing, he has confirmed that the fight is unlikely. Despite this, the rivalry between the two influencers continues to attract attention, and fans remain curious about the possibility of a future matchup of Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul.


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